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Children’s Ministry

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SeptemberOuting2013 112

VBSReunionintheparkSept2012 171Have you ever walked in the front doors of LEMC at about 6:45 on a Wednesday evening?  You might be blown away by the number of children racing around the lobby, high-fiving friends, hanging up coats (and perhaps missing the hook), shooting hoops in the gym or skipping rope with a leader.  Perhaps you’ve never experienced the decibel level of fifteen balls bouncing around an echo-ey church gym or a hundred kids ready to start their evening.  Maybe as you take a peek you’ll notice the skid marks on the floors or the dozens of dripping boots in the hall or the aroma of the grade 5 boys after a long day.  You will feel excitement in the air and even possibly hear screams of delight.

CousinsNewYearsChurchKidsJan2014 058

It might just seem like chaos. But stick around.  Things look different from the inside – please take another look…. did you miss the eyes of that child light up as they caught the glance of their leader?  That ordinary guy who faithfully shows up every week with an encouraging word for them?  For some of them, that is the only positive message they hear all week – Wednesday is the day that child hears they really matter! Did you see that leader cheer the kids towards the finish line in games or hold their finger on a freshly glued piece of paper as it dried in crafts?  Did you smile as they awkwardly attempted the motions of a song in the sanctuary or sat down and pulled out their Bible to share the Good News with them?  Did you see him bow his head and bring the joys and concerns of that little group before Jesus?

We have a mission field right inside the walls of this building.  What a honour that each child comes here every week.  This Wednesday night, this year at Jubilation Station is just the beginning of a journey for each child who walks through the doors of this building.

Chaos can be beautiful when Jesus is there.

When we adopted our son everyone gathered round, ready to meet him and welcome him to the family.  He was no longer on his own but God had placed him with a group of people that would love him, support him and care for him – always.  Really, its not much different with these children at Jube.  We have welcomed them into our church family;  my job, and yours, is to welcome them to the family.  Point them to our Heavenly Father and make room at the table.

Jubilation Station is Wednesday Nights 7-8:15pm for JK’s – Gr.5



To get God’s Word deep into the heart of our children, on Sunday mornings we offer HIGH VOLTAGE.  High Voltage Children are between the ages of 3 and 11 years old.  They need to have a signed consent form and be signed in before the service and out after the service. High Voltage children are dismissed during the Sunday morning worship.  We use a variety of puppets, drama, videos and storytelling to present the message to the children in an exciting and dynamic way.  Your child will learn about Jesus during an open session and then split off into small groups where they will learn through discussions, art and by praying together.

Our desire is make the message of Christ relevant and real for children.




We have a great spot for infants and toddlers in the nursery on Sunday mornings.  With toys, puzzles and games, your child is sure to be happily entertained as you enjoy learning, studying and worshipping in the auditorium.  There are also 3 small sleeping rooms available for sleeping babies or nursing mothers.

All teachers are carefully screened for your child’s safety and follow a strict protocol.

Children ages 0-2 years old can be signed in at the nursery.


Please print and fill out our pre-registration form and bring it to the church upon first arrival.  This will enable us to have your child quickly and smoothly registered before the service starts.  We look forward to meeting you!


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