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Missions-Ministry--element55Core Ministries

Below is a list of the Core ministries at LEMC.  A Core ministry is a central ministry that is a foundation for what takes place at LEMC.  Each Core Ministry is head up by a Core Ministry Leader, otherwise known as a CML.  These committed, dedicated CML’s are passionate about the ministry in which they serve.  The goal and purpose of each Core Ministry is to make Christ known in all we say and do by first loving God, loving each other and serving our world in a real and tangible way.


If you would like to know more about being involved in a Core Ministry at LEMC contact the church office.  We’d be happy to help you contact the ministry you’re interested in and get you connected!


PastorJeffSunday Core Ministry

Pastor Jeff Wood

Sunday Core Ministries is a large and active part of the ebb and flow of our LEMC family. The majority of this ministry is seen on Sunday in our weekly celebration Services. Many aspects of this ministry occurs on the platform from week to week, but the behind the scenes activities are just as important or even more than what all of us experience and enjoy!


Pauline HowardMissions Core Ministry

Pauline Howard

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19.
As a church we prayerfully and financially support many missionaries locally and globally. Be sure to check out our Missions Page . Every year LEMC supports a team to El Salvador to build houses with Wayne Drudge.  You can walk with them and hear their stories as they serve in this amazing way:


Service Core Ministry

Angie Wassink

Our Service Core Ministry is made up of ministries that serve our church and community. Our Kitchen and Food Ministry offers many meals within our church. Our Library has hundreds of books, from fictional to non-fictional, biographies, Christian living, devotional, and children’s book, as well as many videos and DVD’s. We also take care of our church family needs through our Friendship and Landmark Ministries.  Angie is also in charge of many special events & coffeehouses throughout the year.


PastorJeffPastoral Care Core Ministry

Pastor Jeff Wood

The Pastoral Care Core ministry is made up of our Lay Pastors and Deaconesses. They are probably the most visible for the role they take in serving communion and in praying with people during and after the celebration services. They are also involved in teaching, and making sure adult Sunday school and Wednesday night Bible studies and prayer meetings run smoothly. The team is also responsible for our Benevolence Committee, and provides spiritual care for the church family.


Adult Core Ministry

– Sue & Norm Bedard

The Adult Core Ministry provides specialized events for the adults in our church. Including College and Careers, Young Adults, Adults, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry and 50 Plus.



Youth Core Ministry

Pastor Carter Whyte

Our Youth Core Ministry is made up of many volunteers who run specialized programs for our Youth from grade 6 – grade 12.  Wednesday nights at 7pm (during the school year) is when we run the Jr Youth program.  They also meet monthly for social events.  High School Ministry runs once a week and engages the students in relevant topical studies.  They too have monthly events and seasonal missions ventures and overnight activities.


Children'sMWChildren’s Core Ministry

Cheryl StanleyJoyce Klumpenhouwer

Our Children’s Ministry provides many programs designed for our youngest members. Jubilation Station is our mid-week program for children in Jk-grade 5. It incorporates songs, games, crafts and bible stories to teach the children more about God. Our newest program is High Voltage. This very exciting and dynamic program is for children in grade 1-5 offered every Sunday morning through the celebration service. It’s really just a mini sermon focusing on the fundamentals of Christianity geared for children. We use videos, puppet theatre, active games, and dramas all with weekly scriptural themes. We also offer a Jr. Church program during celebration Service which is geared for our children age 2 – SK. Our other children programs are Children’s Sunday school and Nursery for babies and toddlers.


Physical Plant Core Ministry

– Art Versteeg & Team

This Ministry takes care of keeping our building and grounds looking and running smoothly.  Some of the guys on the physical plant team are Steve DeVries, Simon Koopmans and Jay Leis.  Murray Reesor and Merle Shantz keep the landscaping fresh and beautiful.  Winnie Bell makes an enormous contribution with her custodial work and Kahley DeVries (of Ambiance Interiors) keeps our facility welcoming and warm.  The building and grounds would not be near as enjoyable without the help of many talented people who are willing to combine their efforts and volunteer their time.



MaynardMulti-Media Ministry

Maynard Bauman

This ministry pretty much covers everything to do with technology!  From our lights to audio, visual, computers and all that fun stuff.  Maynard collaborates with a great team of volunteers who are faithfully dedicated to making each Sunday an engaging time of worship.