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The Facility

BuildingBeautiful Grounds

Our building is located beside the Kinsmen Trail of Listowel.  Here you will find a generous backdrop of bush and grassland which surrounds the building.  Enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the facility and it’s breathtakingly prolific display of fall colours.  We are confident that you will find our fees to reasonably reflect the value of this location.



Our policy requires that ALL rentals be non-profit as we are a non-profit organization.  Anyone renting the facility is expected to leave the building in the same condition it was in when they arrived.  We take pride in keeping the grounds well-kept and bathrooms clean.  This includes placing the garbage in containers provided, returning any LEMC property to the location it was found immediately following the rental and removing any items on the premises.  Set-up and clean up is the responsibility of the party who is renting the facility.  Any extra garbage (other than what’s provided in the garbage cans) must be disposed of off-grounds.



We have qualified personnel who will ensure that your audio, visual and sound do not distract from the event.



IMG_00000273FacilityMapAt LEMC, we value that our facility is a place where people choose to gather, love and live out their Christian walk.  Our interior designer and Design Team are dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere that engages people in our mission.  We want guests to feel at home and have a sense of belonging here.

Our programs will always take first priority but we are willing to assist in any way possible in selecting dates and times that will suit your event.  Enjoy the
Fireside Room or Youth Ministry Room for smaller engagements which require a simple kitchenette rather than full Servery.

LEMC is a fully wheelchair accessible building and has ample parking space for larger crowds.

Policies, procedures and rental fees



Weddings are a beautiful expression of God’s love and we want to accommodate guests in any way possible.  Our facility offers a full kitchen with over 275 place settings.  Qualified LEMC personnel will operate the sound system, video projector and/or computer system.  There is a world of options on making your day special!  The church office is open from 9am-3pm Tuesday to Friday and we’d be happy to discuss the options with you.  If you would like more information or to select potential available dates, please contact us.

If you would like one of our pastors to officiate your wedding, please fill out this printable form and send it or deliver it in person to our church office:

Download (PDF, 47KB)